Video Advertising

Showcase your message alongside the leading broadcasters

Access tier 1 premium video broadcasters and leverage the power of digital to complement television. Opt for user-friendly solutions and pay for real views non-intrusive formats. Broadcast messages when in full view and don’t pay for skipped messages. Optimize top placements and engage all devices.

YouTube In-Stream

Boost your video to a wide audience or a precise niche. Target precise content or user behavior.


Let your ads blend in the content. Let the publisher do the hard work of sending your message and endorsing your product.

In Read

Engage active readers and publish your message at exactly the right time and the right place.

01.Increase Visibility

Build your message around visibility and ensure the video plays only when in full view.

02.Increase Exposure

Send your message to an audience only when interested. Reduce skips and scroll downs.

03.Analyze View Through

Collect real-time data of what percentage of the video is being viewed and analyze full views and drop offs.
Increase in Brand Lift
Increase in Reach
Increase in View Through

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